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Bryan, Texas, February 8, 2020:  A  second explosion happened at one of Chesapeake Energy’s oil wells in the Eagle Ford Shale just two weeks after a Jan. 29 deadly explosion at a Chesapeake Energy oil well site in nearby Burleson County. Three men were killed and one man was left hospitalized in the Burleson incident. Bryan Maldonado, 25, and Windell Beddingfield died in what is the deadliest oilfield accident since January 2018.

Authorities are investigating the accident which occurred about 1 a.m. Saturday at a storage tank on the company’s Luther lease off Sandy Point and Old San Antonio Roads in a rural area of Brazos County about eight miles northwest of Bryan.

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(HOUSTON, January 27, 2020)  Two people were killed in a gas explosion in northwest Houston at a manufacturing warehouse on Friday the 25 at around 4:30 a.m. After the explosion the Houston Fire Department reported that 48 people had to be sheltered and 18 people were sent to local emergency rooms for injuries.

Officials have identified Gerardo Castorena Sr. and Frank Flores as the two victims who were killed in this fatal explosion.

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amarillo-streetview-12_30_19Amarillo, Texas (Jan 2, 2020) – One person was killed in a major crash involving three vehicles on the afternoon of December 24th.  At approximately 1:00PM Tuesday, a Hereford resident was driving an 18-wheeler westbound on East Amarillo Boulevard.  As the truck driver attempted to turn south onto Ridgemere Boulevard, he pulled in front of a Lincoln driven by Amarillo resident Freddy Buckingham, aged 53. Buckingham clipped the rear of the trailer, causing him to spin out into the westbound lane, where he collided with another vehicle.  Mr. Buckingham was rushed to an area hospital, where he later died from his injuries.  Investigation is ongoing, but authorities believe that speeding and lack of seatbelt usage were factors in the fatality.

Seatbelts Save Lives Your seatbelt is the most effective safety device in your vehicle.  Designed to keep the driver/passenger in place in the event of a crash to prevent them from being forcefully thrown into the dashboard or windshield – or worse yet, through the windshield and into the road.  Air bags can only do so much, and oftentimes only become more dangerous with the lack of proper seat belt usage. 

“In 2018 more than 2,623 people who failed to wear their seat belts were killed or seriously injured,” says TxDOT Traffic Safety Director Terry Pence.  “Simply remembering to to put on your seat belt increases your chances of surviving a crash by 45-60 percent.” 

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December 31, 2019 Hutto, Texas – A local man was killed in an industrial accident Monday morning at Starfire Manufacturing located in the Tradesman Park Loop in Hutto.  The Williamson County Sheriff’s department reported that a man in his 60’s was at the location to borrow a forklift. A large metal booth already situated on the forklift tipped off and landed on the man killing him.  The victim was confirmed as not an employee of the company, Starfire Manufacturing. OSHA and Workers Defense Project have been contacted but is is not known if any violations had been committed.
Industrial Accidents

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2018,  there were 58 industrial fatalities in Texas from contact with objects and equipment.  Of these deaths, 57 were within the private sector of manufacturing of goods, construction, or transportation.  

Published on: Paso, Texas (December 23, 2019) – An elderly woman was hospitalized with serious injuries after another woman crashed into her home early Monday morning.  At about 1AM on December 23, Margaret Cantu (41) was speeding south on Junction Avenue at Kenworthy Street in northeast El Paso when she lost control of her SUV, hit a rock wall, and then crashed into the bedroom of  Rurkio Denison (87) while she was sleeping.  Denison sustained critical injuries and was taken to University Medical Center in serious condition.  There were also 2 other unnamed parties injured in the incident. Cantu has been charged with Intoxication Assault and is currently being held on bail at the El Paso County jail.  

Drunk Driving in Texas
In 2018 there was a total of 773 drunk driving related accidents in the city of El Paso with 33 of those resulting in serious injuries.  El Paso ranks 5th in the state with these types of alcohol related crashes, coming in behind Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. Statewide, driving under the influence is one of the top ten reasons for accidents in Texas(TX Dept of Transportation). Drunk Driving accidents ruin the lives of thousands of people each year by injury or death across the U.S. For more information about the specific statistics for your city, visit the Texas Department of Transportation

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TYLER COUNTY, SATURDAY Dec. 14: A multi-vehicle accident over the weekend in northeast Tyler County sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries.  The Hyundai driver, Cora Goneau, 36, failed to yield the right of way to the GMC pickup truck which was towing a horse trailer.  The car turned onto Highway 92 in the path of the GMC. Driver Cora Goneauand and her passenger Joseph Griffith, 31, were taken to Baptist Hospital Beaumont with serious injuries. Laramie Dunn, 21, driver of GMC truck – sustained minor injuries. Two horses and six dogs traveling in the vehicles were not injured.

The truck towing a horse trailer was eastbound on Highway 190, while the Hyundai car was traveling westbound. The collision happened at the intersection of U.S. Highway 190 at State Highway 92, just west of Exxon Dam B convenience store, at about 2:00 Saturday afternoon. The GMC pickup truck then struck a Chevrolet Trailblazer and a Ford pickup truck before crashing into the convenience store wall.

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Austin, TexasUpdated 12.19.20 – A woman now identified as Merry Daye (45) was struck by a hit-and-run driver early Monday morning along the 6100 block of Cameron Road in north Austin.  Ms. Daye was stopped in the adjoining bike lane and was making adjustments to her bike when she was hit. Emergency crews were called to the scene and she was then transferred to the Del Seton Medical Center where she later died.  The vehicle that hit the woman was found a short time later, the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this case should call APD’s Vehicular Homicide Unit at (512) 974-6935

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Bicycle Safety – In 2018 alone there were 857 bicyclists killed in the U.S. (Data: United States Department of Transportation)  Many of these tragic accidents could have been avoided if motorists follow the rules of the road and keep an eye out for cyclists who share them.  Bicycle deaths occur in all seasons in milder climates, and mostly at night and in Urban areas (75%). When driving during these high incident times and areas be extra aware of others on the road.  Cyclists also need to remember to bike responsively, go with the flow of traffic, obey all street signs and road markings, assume the other persons in the vehicles do not see you, look ahead for hazards such as toys, rocks, potholes, grates, or train tracks that may be in your way, and as anytime on the road no matter what your mode of transportation, no texting as it is distracting and it takes your attention off of the road.

For more information about the specific statistics for your city in Texas, visit the Texas Department of Transportation.    

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Amarillo TX (December 12, 2019)  Amarillo police continue to investigate a fatal accident on I-40 east near South Lakeside Drive that left one woman dead and the driver arrested.  Authorities arrested 38-year-old Ricardo Alfonzo Sanchez, for suspicion of intoxicated manslaughter. 

The accident happened Tuesday night around 8PM when the driver flipped the vehicle trying to get back on the highway.  His passenger, 31-year-old Ashley Renee Hernandez, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Contributing factors to the accident were the use of marijuana and excessive speed. Police believe not using a seatbelt contributed to the passenger’s death. 

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Las Cruces, NM (December 7, 2019)   Mother and son, 25 year-old Elide Garcia and 6 year-old Jose Luis Wences were killed by a suspected drunk driver on Saturday night December 7th.  The Las Cruces residents were struck head on by an SUV going the wrong way on Loop 375 near Bowie High School in El Paso on their way home to Las Cruces.  Jose died upon impact while his mother, Eldie, passed a short time later at the hospital. Eldie Garcia’s boyfriend, Alberto Cuellar was also in the vehicle and remains hospitalized in serious condition.  

The suspected drunk driver of the other vehicle, Juan Martinez, was also hospitalized and will be booked and charged with 2 counts of intoxicated manslaughter when released.  Martinez, was driving his SUV eastbound in the wrong direction on Loop 375 west when he hit the other car Saturday night.

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El Paso TX (December 9, 2019)  Two pedestrians were thrown off an overpass and fell approximately 4 stories, one to his death and the other in serious condition Monday evening.  The accident happened when the 2 victims, Carlos Lechuga (35) and Hector Martinez (33) were assisting a driver of a stalled 18-wheeler.  The truck was stopped on the ramp of 375 and I-10 near the Americas interchange.  The 2 men had pulled their GMC Sierra in front of the semi truck and were out of their vehicle at the time.  An Escalade driven by a Martin Castaneda (22) struck the rear of the semi and then the rear of the GMC Sierra pushing the men off the overpass and onto the highway 40 feet below.  Both men were taken to Del Sol Hospital with serious injuries where Mr. Lechuga later died. The driver of the Escalade was also hospitalized with minor injuries.  At this time the accident is still under investigation as per the El Paso police.   

Pedestrian Fatalities   In 2018 there was a total of 5,684 pedestrian related accidents in Texas with 617 of those resulting in deaths. (TXDot)  The Governor’s Highway Safety Association estimates that Texas is one of the 5 states that has the highest number of pedestrians killed along U.S highways. Pickups, SUVs and crossover utility vehicles are responsible for the increased severeness of injuries to these pedestrians.  As a result, people who are hit by one of these larger and more powerful vehicles are more likely to suffer serious injuries or death. Pedestrian fatalities involving SUV’s jumped by 50% between 2013 to 2017. (

For more information about the specific statistics for your city, visit the Texas Department of Transportation.    

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