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You can sue for heatstroke injuries in certain circumstances.

Heatstroke Injuries at Outdoor Events in Texas: When to Sue

Record-breaking heat is scorching the greater part of Texas this summer.

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pexels-pixabay-289737-300x200Whether you’re sending your children to college for the first time as a parent or you’ve had an empty nest for a while, the start of an undergraduate career is often every bit as exciting as it is nerve-wracking. On the one hand, you’re proud of your kids for making it this far, but also nervous about what it’ll mean for them being on their own for the first time. However, no one ever expects to get bad news and hear that their children were involved in a major accident while away from home. When these incidents occur, those responsible can be held accountable through a Texas wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit.

According to a recent news report, two Dallas Baptist University students were killed in a deadly car crash. Both students had only just arrived on campus for their freshman year and were passengers in a friend’s car when the at-fault party crashed into their vehicle. Authorities reported that three other students were also involved in the accident and are recovering from non-life-threatening injuries. Currently, the investigation is still ongoing, and it is unclear if the responsible driver will be facing charges or if drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.

In Texas, following an accident like this one, there are several legal actions you can take. Perhaps the most common is assessing whether you have a wrongful death claim. When a person passes away because of another person’s wrongful actions, you may have grounds for a claim. More specifically, in Texas, the death must have come about due to a “wrongful act, neglect, carelessness, unskillfulness, or default.”

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