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Paraquat Poisoning















Paraquat, a toxic chemical herbicide used to exterminate unruly weeds and grass, has been highly popularized in its use and was first produced for commercial use in 1962. There are many brands of paraquat products, and some of these include, Gramoxone, Goldquat, Almoxone, and many more. Paraquat is extremely popular and is one of the most commonly used herbicides around the globe. However, due to its extremely high toxicity, many precautions have been taken to purchase and use this herbicide in the United States.  

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided to put mitigation measures on the use of Paraquat to protect human health and the environment. Here’s a quote from the United States EPA website “In July 2021, after receiving and considering public comments on the Paraquat proposed interim decision, EPA released the interim decision for registration review. As part of this action, EPA requires mitigation measures to reduce risks associated with Paraquat in order to protect human health and the environment.” 

Paraquat is so toxic that it can lead to death if accidentally ingested, and there is no antidote for it. Because it’s so toxic, in the U.S., precautions are taken, such as adding a dye to the substance and a sharp odor to deter an individual from accidentally ingesting it. Not only that, but only those with a commercial license can even purchase the product, let alone use it. In addition, An individual can not use this product even if they are under the supervision of a certified applicator. 

Even if you’re a licensed professional, you are still at risk of paraquat exposure. Unfortunately, there are many ways to get exposed to Paraquat. For example, you can get exposed to it by breathing in the droplets, absorbing into your skin, and getting into an open wound.

After being exposed to Paraquat, studies show an increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. This disease is brutal to the nervous system. Mobility may gradually become increasingly difficult or impossible for those affected by this disease. However, that is just one of many symptoms you could suffer. 

The condition is a progressive nervous system disorder in which specific cells located in the brain slowly break down and die. As a result, the chemical messenger known as dopamine can’t exist because the brain cells create it. When low dopamine levels occur in the body, brain function begins to act abnormally, and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease ensue, such as reduced mobility. 

Individuals who’ve been exposed to Paraquat, such as agricultural workers and licensed applicators, and have developed Parkinson’s disease may be entitled to significant monetary compensation. Potentially, as part of the settlement, you may receive compensation for pain and suffering, Parkinson’s disease treatments, past and future medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. 

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