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How to Know if you have a Personal Injury Claim















How do you know if you have a personal injury claim? You can suffer personal injuries when injured physically, psychologically, or emotionally usually due to negligence, carelessness, or wrongful conduct of another individual. It’s typically the case that when an individual files a personal injury claim, they or someone they love sustained injuries due to another’s negligent actions. 

Because personal injury law covers a vast amount of different situations, it’s extremely important for you to consult with an experienced lawyer if you believe you have a personal injury claim. For instance, you are potentially at risk of suffering personal injuries in situations such as automobile accidents, trucking accidents, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, and many others.  

Given this information, you need to seek professional legal advice from an experienced lawyer to know if you have a personal injury claim. A personal injury attorney will aim to determine who is responsible for the injury or death. They then evaluate the legal issues applicable in a particular situation and determine which course of action is best for their clients. If required, they will file a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of those injured. They take these steps in order to protect the injured party’s rights and ensure proper compensation is received.

Although compensation will cover medical expenses, there are broader damages to be recovered than just expenses. In Texas, according to the law, an individual who has suffered injuries can also recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, and other losses based on how the victim’s life was affected. For example, in the event that a loved one tragically loses their life, surviving spouses, as well as, sometimes, family members, can seek compensation for the impact the death of their loved one has on their life. 


It would be in your best interest if you had an attorney on your side who has decades of experience. Our attorneys at Carabin Shaw have a long history of recovering compensation for clients, and we remain dedicated to ensuring your case is taken care of in the most beneficial way to you and your family. We work extremely hard to ensure you get high-quality legal representation. Recovery time after a painful and scary situation is essential. Allow our legal team to handle the hassle and complexities of your case, so you have the time you need to focus on you and your family’s immediate needs.

Carabin Shaw’s personal injury attorneys are prepared to assist you in every way possible, navigating your case’s legal process and complexities and obtaining justice for you. Prior to taking any action, we will walk you through each step we plan to take, and we will ensure you understand those steps before you sign anything. Additionally, we assist our clients in getting the care and attention they deserve after suffering from a tragic accident. Across the massive state of Texas, we have diligently represented individuals and families who have suffered severe injuries and wrongful deaths. Contact our law firm at (800) 862-1260 if you or someone dear to you has suffered injuries or wrongful death.

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