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Accident Injury Report – Tyler County Horse Trailer Accident

TYLER COUNTY, SATURDAY Dec. 14: A multi-vehicle accident over the weekend in northeast Tyler County sent two people to the hospital with serious injuries.  The Hyundai driver, Cora Goneau, 36, failed to yield the right of way to the GMC pickup truck which was towing a horse trailer.  The car turned onto Highway 92 in the path of the GMC. Driver Cora Goneauand and her passenger Joseph Griffith, 31, were taken to Baptist Hospital Beaumont with serious injuries. Laramie Dunn, 21, driver of GMC truck – sustained minor injuries. Two horses and six dogs traveling in the vehicles were not injured.

The truck towing a horse trailer was eastbound on Highway 190, while the Hyundai car was traveling westbound. The collision happened at the intersection of U.S. Highway 190 at State Highway 92, just west of Exxon Dam B convenience store, at about 2:00 Saturday afternoon. The GMC pickup truck then struck a Chevrolet Trailblazer and a Ford pickup truck before crashing into the convenience store wall.

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Helpful Safety Tips When Towing Livestock in a Trailer

Although it’s impossible to avoid all accidents, you can lessen any damage and injury to you or your livestock by following these safety tips.  Towing a trailer means using the right equipment, hitching up correctly, staying alert and thinking ahead. Make sure your vehicle weight capacity is enough to handle your trailer and cargo load.  

Be sure to increase your following distance when towing because it takes longer to stop with a trailer than it does with your vehicle alone.  Avoid sudden acceleration and braking. Be sure to observe traffic, watch out for crosswinds and trailer sway. Watch out for blind spots when changing lanes and make sure you have plenty of space to change lanes.

Be patient and calm when being passed by other drivers. Anticipate stops and begin braking sooner than normal. Don’t pull into an area if there is no way out–it’s important to allow plenty of space for a complete turnaround.  Source:  Curt Manufacturing 

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