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ACCIDENT INJURY REPORT: Two People Killed in Houston Gas Explosion

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(HOUSTON, January 27, 2020)  Two people were killed in a gas explosion in northwest Houston at a manufacturing warehouse on Friday the 25 at around 4:30 a.m. After the explosion the Houston Fire Department reported that 48 people had to be sheltered and 18 people were sent to local emergency rooms for injuries.

Officials have identified Gerardo Castorena Sr. and Frank Flores as the two victims who were killed in this fatal explosion.

Nearby homes and a strip mall sustained “significant damage” in the blast, according to Samuel Pena, of the Houston Fire Department.  Pena said at least 214 homes were damaged and about 50 were destroyed.  Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said a full arson investigation was launched, although it is not believed to be an intentional act or terror-related.

The explosion appeared to come from a 2,000-gallon tank of propylene that was leaking at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing, a machining and manufacturing company. Pena said the leak was secured and there were no concerns with air quality. 

Residents in Houston’s Westbranch neighborhood reported doors and baseboards being blown off and storm doors shattered, according to Houston ABC station KTRK. The blast force shook windows between Gessner Road and Steffani Lane.

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Before an Explosion

The following are things you can do to protect yourself, your family and your property in the event of an explosion.

  • Build an Emergency Supply Kit
  • Make a Family Emergency Plan
  • Learn what to do in case of bomb threats or receiving suspicious packages and letters
  • Ensure your employers have up-to-date information about any medical needs you may have and how to contact designated beneficiaries or emergency contacts.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed due to the actions of manufacturing facilities, contact an attorney who specializes in these types of cases to review your legal options.  You may be entitled to compensation for damages, medical treatments, and lost wages due to the incident.  

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