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ACCIDENT INJURY REPORT – Septic Tank Fall Claims Life of Two-Year-old in Aransas Pass

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(February 20, 2020 Aransas Pass, TX) A 2-year-old girl fell into a septic tank Wednesday evening of the 19th at the Paradise Lagoons RV Resort in Aransas Pass.  The child identified as Charleigh Nicole Nelson had been walking on the lid of the tank when she fell in.

Rescue attempts were made by both family and neighbors, but they were unsuccessful.  The Rockport and Fulton Volunteer Fire Departments along with Aransas Pass FD were called out but they were also unable to rescue the toddler.  The rescue turned into recovery by calling in the Ingleside Volunteer Fire Department who was able to reach the body by lowering a firefighter into a 2 foot wide hole with a specialized rope.  The tank itself was filled with over 2 feet of water in which the child had been submerged for over an hour.

We here at Carabin Shaw are publicly thanking all of the fire departments, local police and businesses in coordinating together in this effort.  Heartbreaking as it was, they worked above and beyond to try and rescue the little girl.

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Water Safety

As we know, water is everywhere and for children between the ages of 1-4, it is the leading cause of death. Other than pools; wells, cisterns and septic tanks were the main cause of home setting drownings.  Here’s some steps to make children safer in these situations.  (American Red Cross and

  1. Watch children when they are around water without being distracted
  2. Keep the youngest children within arm’s reach if possible
  3. Secure any open or potential open water with fencing that is self-closing and has latches
  4. Alert others of the emergency situation right away
  5. Learn basic lifesaving methods such as infant and child CPR


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