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Wrongful Death Claims After a Texas Chain Reaction Crash

pexels-pixabay-263402-300x199When a Texas chain-reaction car accident occurs, it can often have devastating consequences. On top of potentially being more likely to cause injuries or death, these collisions are often more complex because of all of the parties involved. Establishing an accurate timeline that maps out exactly how the crash happened and who should be assigned which portion of fault can be a significantly challenging issue on its own. However, if a fatality follows an already complex series of crashes, the situation becomes even more complicated to navigate.

According to a recent local news report, a series of car crashes involving four vehicles left a teenage boy dead. The incident started when a Mercedes broke down on the side of the road when it ran into mechanical issues. Both occupants exited the Mercedes, and moments later, a Dodge pickup saw the Mercedes and stopped behind it. A Nissan traveling on the same road with a 17-year-old passenger slammed into the back of the Dodge pickup and hit another car on the road. The series of crashes concluded when the Nissan crashed into the rear of the Mercedes, which pushed it across the median and into the feeder road. The 17-year-old teenager who was riding in the Nissan did not survive the crash. Firefighters worked for nearly 45 minutes to free the driver of the Nissan, who barely escaped fatal injuries and was transported to a local hospital. According to law enforcement, there was no reason to believe that drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash, and the accident was likely caused by speeding.

In Texas, if a fatality occurs following a crash, it could potentially give rise to a wrongful death claim. Potential plaintiffs must understand the mechanics of bringing these claims. First, the party bringing the claim must prove that the deceased was not responsible for causing their own death and that it resulted from the negligence of another party.

Once this is established, it will be crucial for the party bringing the claim to establish a cause of the collision or death. Sometimes, the fatality is not entirely the fault of the other party or parties but could even be caused by a vehicle defect. If the death comes about as a result of a product defect from the car the other party was driving, the vehicle’s manufacturer may be implicated as well.

Finally, to ensure that a wrongful death claim is successful, the party bringing the claim must establish that there are damages to be collected following the accident. Because these claims can often be complex and vary based on the set of facts at hand, it is crucial that potential plaintiffs work with experienced counsel to successfully bring their claims.

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