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Recovering After a Texas Motorcycle Hit-And-Run Accident

pexels-alexas-fotos-2156246-300x196Many people prefer motorcycles to cars because of the freedom associated with whizzing down the road. In addition to making your daily commute potentially easier and more fun, motorcycles can also offer an increased sense of mobility. However, a certain degree of risk comes with operating a motorcycle – without the steel exterior of a car to protect you on the road, you may be more at risk in the event of a serious accident. When an accident happens unexpectedly, especially if you are riding a motorcycle, the consequences may be drastic.

In a recent news article, local Texas authorities reported that two motorcycle riders were killed in an early morning hit-and-run accident. One of the motorcyclists was a local high school student. Police are still currently investigating the details of the collision and have identified an individual who is suspected to have been involved in the crash.

In Texas, accidents involving motorcycle hit-and-runs can often be complex. Following a hit-and-run accident, it is important to obtain the necessary medical attention. Next, documenting the scene is a crucial step in identifying the person who caused the accident and fled the scene. Taking photographs, writing down everything that you can remember from the accident, and searching for potential witnesses or traffic camera footage could strengthen your claim. If the at-fault party is identified, potential plaintiffs should file their claim as soon as possible because of the two-year statute of limitations in Texas motorcycle accident cases.

Following a motorcycle hit-and-run accident, you may be eligible for a wide range of compensatory damages. Your case could be worth different amounts depending on various factors and circumstances surrounding the accident. For example, if you sustained several serious injuries, your medical expenses may be covered if you prevail in your claim. Additional surgeries, time spent in the ICU or emergency room, and even prescription medication cost could fall under available damages involving medical expenses. In addition, if  injuries or other issues that arise as a result of the accident like disability keep you from being able to return to work in a timely manner, you may be eligible to recover lost wages. A long-term disability that occurs as a result of an accident may also allow you to receive damages for diminished future earning capacity, or lost benefits from health insurance. Potential plaintiffs are sometimes also able to receive non-economic damages for significant pain and suffering or a lowered standard of living following an accident.

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