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Amazon Products Sold in Texas Being Flagged as Fire Hazards of social distancing requirements in the wake of COVID-19, people in Texas are taking advantage of shopping from the comfort and safety of their own homes. In addition, the ease and availability of all kinds of products through online retailers has made it possible to purchase everything from your family’s weekly grocery haul to the newest gadget. But when that package arrives on your doorstep, is the item you have received safe? Outside of the convenience factor of the shopping experience, can we trust online retailers and their products? If you are a Texan who has purchased a faulty product from an online retailer that has become a hazard or dangerous, you may be eligible to receive compensation through a product liability claim.

According to a recent article, an investigation has revealed that dozens of AmazonBasics electronics and other products have remained for sale despite consumers reporting that they were potential fire hazards. AmazonBasics is one of the massive retailer’s most popular lines, with a variety of budget-friendly products that range from kitchen and home basics to electronic accessories. The investigation yielded nearly 1,500 reviews on the Amazon website involving more than 70 products described as potentially dangerous. Despite reviews on these items using terms like “hazard” or “fire” or demanding the product to be recalled entirely, many of these items still remain for sale on the retailer’s website.

Following these reports, three lawmakers are demanding the recall of any hazardous products bearing the Amazon brand. Although the retailer did not respond directly to the investigation, electrical engineers told investigators that other factors may be at play when using these products, such as faulty wiring within a home or user error. According to the engineers, electronics sold under the AmazonBasics name should not typically pose a danger to the public when properly made and used according to instructions. Critics disagree.

Product liability cases in Texas can be complex because of various state laws and rules surrounding defective products. For example, if a product with a defective design is clearly dangerous to a reasonable user, a plaintiff must do more than simply show that the design was unsafe. To prevail on a design defect claim, a potential plaintiff must also prove that there was a less dangerous design that could have been used, this alternative was reasonable, both financially and technologically, and the other design would have maintained utility and simultaneously reduced the risk of harm to the consumer. Because of the complexity surrounding Texas product liability laws, it is best for potential plaintiffs to contact an experienced personal injury attorney who can assist with preparing their claim.

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