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Instacart Shoppers and DoorDash Drivers are Turning into First Responders

vegetables-inside-a-net-bag-3737611-scaledCarabin Shaw Law Firm encourages everyone to practice social distancing which includes limited contact and gatherings.  Please thank and generously tip the service people who provide you with to-go food, run necessary errands and who help the community during the coronavirus outbreak.  You are lifelines to many, thank you!

Instacart shoppers, Amazon delivery drivers, and others are making it possible for other people to engage in self-protective social distancing. When you run errands or go to a grocery store, you’ll see people with baskets and carts staring at their iPhone screens and then searching for black beans or frozen macaroni and cheese. A few wear masks and carry hand sanitizer. 

Meet these shoppers.  They’re not buying for themselves. Their job is to purchase goods and drive them to strangers who have ordered virtually, to limit being in crowded social places and being exposed to the coronavirus.

These unsung workers— i-commerce shoppers, food delivery drivers, Amazon delivery folks, and everyone else who is doing work today which helps other people engage in social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic—are now the equivalent of first responders.

“First responder” might seem overblown at first. It is, after all, usually a term used for emergency personnel. Think firefighters rushing to the scene of a blaze or police officers at the site of a shooting. But it should also apply to those who are now fetching food, home essentials and medical supplies at a time when everyone else is staying in.

These workers are putting themselves in harm’s way, even if they are not doing so in the more recognizably brave fashion of an EMT at a disaster site. These workers are serving as our first responders and helping people survive this health emergency.  This is especially important for those serving the people with disabilities and the elderly who are now even more at risk than they were just a month ago, performing a social services role.

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