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Do I Need A Worker’s Comp Attorney?


How Do You Know When You Need a Worker’s Comp Attorney for Your Claim?


How to Tell When You Need a Worker’s Comp Attorney

There are roughly 340 million people injured at work in the United States every year. If an employer has worker’s compensation coverage, otherwise referred to as worker’s comp, then the injuries sustained by the worker should be paid for. However, this is not always the case. So, how do you know when it’s a good idea to hire an experienced worker’s comp attorney to help you file your claim?

Did You Know?

Private and government employees file roughly 4.9 million worker’s compensation claims annually in the United States.

Five Signs You Need A Worker’s Comp Lawyer

Insurance companies are notorious for dragging their feet on worker’s comp claims, especially for permanent disability compensation. Here are five common signs that you need a lawyer for your claim.

  1. The carrier or the employer denies the injury occurred at work – minor injuries are often challenged for not occurring at work when they go initially unreported. For example, if a worker mildly sprains their wrist while working and does not report it, and then the injury is later aggravated while working, and then the worker reports it, the employer or the carrier may deny that the initial injury occurred at work.
  2. The settlement does not fully cover the cost of the injuries – Insurance companies will sometimes contest the examining doctor’s rating of your injury and not pay enough to cover the full cost of treatment as a result. They can also require you to get an independent rating from a doctor of their choosing, which may be significantly lower than your initial rating.
  3. Suffering permanent disability – Whether partial or total, suffering a disabling injury means that the employee can never fully return to work. Because of the high cost associated with these claims, they are the most commonly contested.
  4. Treatment plan not covered – Sometimes, a doctor will recommend a treatment plan for an injured employee that an insurance company will deem unnecessary and refuse to cover. This is a common problem with rehab.
  5. You have a third-party claim – If you are injured by a third party while on the job (i.e., you are injured in an auto accident that was not your fault as a delivery driver), then you can go outside of the system and file a worker’s comp lawsuit against the negligent driver.

Worker’s comp claims for minor injuries are usually straightforward and simple – however, if a worker was seriously injured while on the job, this is rarely the case. If you were seriously injured at work in Texas, you need help from highly experienced worker’s compensation attorneys. You need Carabin Shaw.

Worker’s Compensation Attorneys in Texas

Dealing with big insurance companies and employers after an injury at work can be complicated and stressful. Not when you hire the legal services of Carabin Shaw. We have thirty years of experience representing the injured employees of San Antonio and across Texas. We know the common problems injured workers face, and we have the resources to help them receive the total amount of compensation legally owed to them. If you were injured at work, contact the experienced attorneys at Carabin Shaw today at 800-862-1260, or fill out this form. We look forward to serving you.


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