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Dallas Man Dies in Rental Scooter Accident

Earlier this year, a company by the name of Lime was given permission to open its electric-scooter sharing operating in Dallas. The scooter-share program is similar to the ubiquitous bike shares that have opened up across the country, however, instead of bicycles, the company allows customers to rent motorized scooters.

The differences between the risks involved with riding a bicycle and a motorized scooter have resulted in many expressing hesitations. Residents protested the scooter share, arguing that it will result in an increased number of inexperienced operators, worsen the city’s already notorious traffic situation, and present additional risks to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Earlier this month, Dallas suffered its first fatal rental scooter crash. According to a local news report, the accident is being investigated as a single-vehicle crash, although the accident victim’s family believes that another vehicle was involved.

Evidently, the accident victim was riding a Lime scooter in the early morning hours when he somehow fell off the scooter. The man called a friend, asking if the friend could call him a Lyft. By the time the Lyft driver showed up, the accident victim was lying unresponsive on the road and the scooter was nearly 160 yards away, broken in half.

Police began investigating the fatal scooter accident as a single-vehicle accident, primarily because in the accident victim’s call to his friend he stated that he had fallen off the scooter. However, the man’s family told reporters that they believe another motorist was involved in the accident, given the physical injuries their son sustained as well as the extensive damage to the scooter.

Liability in Texas Scooter Accidents

Motorized scooters, like motorcycles, are fully legal to operate on the road. However, there are significant differences between motorcycles, which can travel and carry passengers at highway speeds, and motorized scooters which can only support a single rider and travel up to 14.8 miles per hour.

Scooter riders must have a valid driver’s license in order to legally ride on public roads, and must also obey all traffic laws and signs. A scooter operator has a duty to the motorists with whom he shares the road to safely operate the scooter at all times, and to remain free from drugs or alcohol. At the same time, other motorists must treat scooters as they would other vehicles by yielding when appropriate and respecting the space of the scooter operator.

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