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Texas Ranks Higher than Average for DUI-Related Deaths

Drunk driving is a serious concern throughout the country, but the issue is even more concerning in Texas. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 13,138 people were killed in crashes involving a drunk driver in Texas from 2003 to 2012. The rate of drunk driving deaths was higher in Texas than the national average across all age groups, according to data from 2012. In addition, the percentage of adults who reported driving after drinking too much was higher in Texas than nationally.The CDC recommends that states have harsh drunk driving laws, including zero-tolerance laws, sobriety checkpoints, and ignition-interlock devices installed on cars for all offenders, as well as mass-media campaigns and school-based instructional programs, among other strategies.

Texas DUI Law

All states have drunk driving laws in place to protect the public from drunk drivers. In Texas, the state’s blood-alcohol limit is 0.08% for individuals 21 and older, and 0.04% for commercial drivers. Additionally, there is a zero-tolerance law in effect for individuals younger than 21 years old. Being involved in a DUI accident can have devastating consequences, and individuals who are injured in a Texas drunk driving accident may pursue a claim against the drunk driver to recover compensation for their injuries.

Texas High School Simulates DUI Accident for Students

In a program called Shattered Dreams, a Texas high school simulated a DUI car accident in which two classmates were killed and one sent to jail. According to a news article, the program was conducted by the city and its emergency services department, along with the Texas Department of Transportation.

Organizers closed the road in front of the school and simulated an accident. The jaws-of-life contraption was used to free a passenger, and a sobriety test was administered on the driver. An ambulance transported injured individuals, and a coroner came to take away a student who was pronounced dead.

The program was meant to demonstrate to students the consequences of drunk driving. The high school’s campus director explained that prom was approaching and that the program was “most impactful” at that time “because it’s a time that students tend to be tempted to make poor decisions that can affect the rest of their lives.” One student said that the simulation “felt real” and that he hoped not to be in that situation. The simulation was recorded, and a video of the simulation can be viewed online.

This type of program helps increase awareness among the general public about the dangers of drinking and driving. Despite all of the education that is provided, however, drivers still get behind the wheel after having too much to drink.

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