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3 Surprising Ways an Auto Accident Can Impact Your Life

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Car accidents can impact your life in ways you may never have considered.


How a Car Accident Can Change Your Life in Ways You Didn’t Expect

No one wakes up and thinks, “I’m going to get into a car accident today.” They just happen. And, when they do happen, you don’t expect them to have a lasting impact on your life.

In 2022, there were 15,299 serious injury crashes across Texas. Let’s take a look at how these sudden, unexpected catastrophes can change your life in ways you may never have considered.

Emotional Trauma/PTSD

A car accident doesn’t have to be extreme or result in a catastrophic injury to leave you crippled. People often fail to consider the mental impact of adjusting to life after an auto accident.

Trauma and PTSD after a car accident is your mind’s distressing reaction to the reality of having your life threatened or your body injured. You may feel dazed or confused days or even weeks after the crash. You may suddenly stop enjoying things you used to love or feel easily startled, unable to sleep, or hopeless. This condition can even happen from witnessing someone else being hurt, especially if you know the person who was injured.

One of the most common reactions is a fear of driving again. This reaction to an accident may be common, but it can be devastating — driving enables many people to work, shop, and take their kids to school. The sudden inability to drive can impact so many areas of life. And to think, all of this is the cause of one stupid mistake of a random stranger.

Loss of Quality of Life

Even a minor injury can stop you from doing the things you used to enjoy.

An injured knee may stop you from enjoying hiking or cycling. A herniated disk may prevent you from returning to your work. These seemingly minor issues can cause you to lose jobs, friends, or quality time with your family you used to enjoy. Instead, you’re stuck at home, in physical therapy, or looking for a new job.

It’s not hard to imagine how these sudden changes can cause a person to isolate themselves, experience hopelessness, and lose trust. Your whole life gets turned upside down because someone wouldn’t put their phone down — it’s not fair, but it’s your new reality after an accident.

Financial Strain

How much an auto accident is going to cost you depends on how severe the accident is. However, there are many costs other than medical bills and insurance to consider.

Unexpected costs after an auto accident can include things like:

  • Rental vehicle costs,
  • Missed work,
  • Child care costs,
  • Towing costs,
  • and Replacing damaged personal property.

Texas requires a minimum of $30,000 in injury coverage, up to $60,000 per accident. But car accidents where a person is injured can start at an average of $40,000. If a person is underinsured, you may end up bearing the financial strain of what their policy didn’t cover.

Experienced in the Unexpected: Get Help for Your Texas Auto Accident

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