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Understanding Texas Car Insurance

Those who have been involved in a Texas car accident understand that the road to recovery entails more than just the healing of physical wounds. Being involved in a serious car accident takes an emotional toll on accident victims for several reasons, including the stress and potential difficulties that an accident victim may encounter when trying to obtain fair compensation for their injuries.

All drivers in Texas are required to maintain a certain amount of car insurance. Specifically, motorists must obtain a policy with coverage for at least $30,000 per person ($60,000 per accident) and $25,000 for personal property. These limits refer to the amount that the insurance company will cover for an accident caused by the insured.

Many Texas car accidents, however, result in damages far in excess of these limits. In these cases, an injured motorist may file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company as well as with their own insurance company, under the underinsured motorist (UIM) provision.

UIM Coverage in Texas

As noted above, UIM protection kicks in when an injury victim’s damages exceed the at-fault driver’s insurance policy limits. This type of coverage is extremely important because most Texas drivers maintain only the bare minimum amount of insurance on their vehicles. At the same time, even a seemingly minor accident can result in tens of thousands of dollars in damages. Importantly, all insurance companies who write policies in Texas must offer UIM coverage; however, it is considered “additional” coverage that can be waived in writing by the insured.

Dealing with Difficult Insurance Companies

Insurance policies are complex contracts between the insurance company and the insured. In exchange for the monthly premiums paid by the insured, the insurance company agrees to compensate the insured for certain expenses or damages they sustain. However, insurance companies are for-profit companies whose existence relies on taking in more money in monthly premiums than they pay out in settled claims. Thus, insurance companies routinely minimize the value of claims or deny claims whenever they have an arguable reason to do so.

Insurance companies are biased, and accident victims should not take an insurance company’s word on whether they have a claim or what the value of their claim is worth. Instead, Texas car accident victims should consult with a dedicated Texas personal injury attorney whose interests are aligned with their own.

Are You in Need of a Dedicated Texas Personal Injury Lawyer?

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