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Man Charged with the Deaths of Seven Motorcyclists Was Previously Involved in a Texas Rollover

In late June, seven motorcyclists were killed and four seriously injured in a tragic accident that occurred when a pickup truck inexplicably veered out of its lane and into oncoming traffic, crashing into a group of ten motorcycles. Since the fatal accident, reports have surfaced indicating that the driver of the pickup truck involved in that fatal collision was also involved in a number of other incidents, including a Texas truck accident a few weeks earlier.

According to a local news report, on June 3, 2019, just three weeks before the fatal motorcycle accident, police responded to reports of a crash on Interstate 10 in Baytown. When they arrived, officers found a red Mack truck rolled over onto its side. The driver of the truck told police that another motorist cut him off, and that he lost control of the truck when he attempted to avoid a collision. Police officers were unable to locate any sign of the other vehicle, but did not cite or arrest the truck driver because there was no indication of intoxication or any other wrongdoing. However, the man was fired after this incident.

After looking into the man’s record more closely, reporters discovered that he was arrested back in February of 2019 for possession of a crack pipe. The man was placed on a deferment, meaning that the charges would be dropped if he stayed out of trouble. Just a week before the fatal motorcycle accident, the charges were dropped.

The driver had also previously been arrested for driving under the influence two times, once just a month before the fatal accident. However, for an unknown reason, the most recent DUI arrest did not result in the loss of the man’s commercial driver’s license, despite widespread agreement that it should have. Since then, the head of the motor vehicle division has stepped down amid controversy over the oversight.

After last month’s fatal accident, the driver was not immediately arrested, but was given a court date. However, he failed to show up for that appearance, and a warrant was issued. Authorities arrested the man at his home in Massachusetts several days later. When he was arrested, the man had several suspicious wax packets in his possession that authorities believed may contain narcotics. The man was charged with seven counts of vehicular homicide, with drugs charges pending the results of the tests that were performed on the substance contained in the wax packets.

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