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car-crash-cartoon-pictures-19An accident is always inconvenient, and costly, as well as dangerous. If you’re in an accident, it’s important to first call 911 immediately for anyone who is injured. Your next step? Call Carabin Shaw for a lawyer who is committed to making your bad situation better. And to prevent it from costing you more money and time.

We offer free phone, Facetime or in-person consultations so you can call us from the road or while at home. And for the convenience of our clients, we provide E-documentation options which save you time. We’re able to deliver your case documents straight to your phone. No travel time, parking issues or the added hassle of calling all the separate services for the help you need. We offer you immediate peace of mind by providing you with total accident assistance with one easy quick call to Carabin Shaw.

For your added convenience, we will arrange for a rental car to be delivered right to your front door. When an accident suddenly leaves you struggling with a need for cash, we are here to help arrange emergency cash loans for unforeseen expenses.
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