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Steps to Take After a Texas Car Accident

car-crash-cartoon-pictures-19-300x210Texas car accidents range in severity, and individuals may exhibit significant differences in their responses to these potentially traumatic events. The magnitude of an accident may not become evident until some time after the incident; thus, Texas accident victims must take steps to address their injuries and preserve their recovery rights. Although it is unreasonable to expect motorists to fully prepare for another driver’s negligence, there are specific preparations motorists can take in the event of these unanticipated situations.

Motorists should ensure that their cars are in proper working order and keep their insurance and registration information easily accessible in their vehicles. Although many people do not find the need for pens and paper as they once did, it is advisable to keep these supplies handy to jot down and exchange information quickly.

After an accident, adrenaline and emotions are often running high, and the full extent of damages and injuries may not be readily apparent. Those involved in a Texas accident should err on the side of receiving medical treatment after an accident. While immediate transportation to a hospital may not be necessary, accident victims should consult with their primary physician or urgent care after an accident. Drivers should also check on their passengers and other people involved in the incident.

Motorists involved in an accident should always contact law enforcement if there were any significant damages or injuries. This is a critical step after an accident, especially if the motorist suspects that the other driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a motorist does not report the accident at the time of the accident, it is essential to do so as soon as possible. The police report may serve as critical evidence in any subsequent settlement agreements or civil cases.

If possible, accident victims should gather evidence from the accident scene, either by taking photos or getting identifying information from witnesses. Witness testimony is a powerful and compelling part of civil cases. For example, recently, a Texas news source reported on a road rage incident that turned violent. Witnesses reported that they saw a driver involved in a chain reaction accident get out of his vehicle and begin to stab and choke two other drivers. The witness was trapped in his vehicle but watched as one of the participants pulled out a gun before a passerby kicked it out of his hand. Reports indicate that the suspect is charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Not only does this incident illustrate the importance of documenting evidence after the accident, but also the fact that accident victims should be careful not to escalate what is an already tense situation.

Have You Been Involved in a Texas Accident?

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