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Safe Driving Tips for the Back-to-School Season


Kids Across San Antonio are Heading Back-to-School














(August 25, 2022) San Antonio is officially back to school this week. Back to school means busy parents are rushing to drop off their kids before work, and school buses are adding to the already congested construction traffic areas. It’s important during this time that drivers brush up on their back-to-school safe driving techniques. In this article, we’ll look at crash statistics and cover tips for safe driving practices during the school season, as well as what to do if your child has been injured in a school transportation accident.


Did you know?

School buses are by far the safest mode of transportation to and from school, as only five percent of all school-related traffic deaths over nine years happened on a school bus.


Tips for Driving Safe During the School Season


The most common causes of auto accidents in school zones are entirely preventable. They include not observing the reduced speed limit, distracted driving, and failure to yield the right-of-way. Whether or not you have a child in school, every Texan has a responsibility to exercise their reasonable duty of care and keep the millions of children returning to school safe. The following are safe driving techniques for school zones provided by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

  • Watch out for changing traffic patterns around school zones – Just because the traffic zones around schools were a certain way last year doesn’t mean they will be this year. With increased construction areas and news schools opening up, be sure to keep an eye out for altered traffic patterns.
  • Eyes up phones down – It is illegal in Texas to operate a vehicle and a mobile device at the same time. This is even more important in school zones where traffic fines double and the risks of hitting a pedestrian increase. If you’re driving, put your phone away.
  • Drop off and pick up children in the designated areas – It may be tempting to try and pick up your child in the middle of the street, but this is not safe. Sixteen percent of all school-related accidents are pedestrian, so keep your kids safe and use the designated areas.

For more information and more safe driving tips, please visit Back to School Driving Tips from the TxDOT.


What You Should Do if Your Child Was Injured on a School Bus


Just because school buses are the safest way to get your child to school doesn’t mean that school bus accidents don’t happen. In fact, the National Highway Transportation Agency reports that there are nearly 17,000 children injured on school buses every year in the United States. What’s worse is that most of these injuries occurred in densely populated urban areas like San Antonio. It is important to understand that school bus accidents are regulated by the State and are therefore different than other auto accidents. Due to the subtleties and complexities associated with governmental immunity, it is recommended that you contact a San Antonio personal injury lawyer who has the experience and resources necessary to ensure full legal compensation for your child’s injury.


Has Your Child Been Injured in a School Bus Accident in San Antonio?


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