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Texas Mother Dead After Wheel Flies Off Truck

pexels-antonio-batinić-5364345-300x200Every time we get behind the wheel in Texas, we must accept a certain level of risk as drivers. Even if we are careful, proactive, and courteous on the road, there is no guarantee that external factors will not cause a car accident. Other drivers, poor weather conditions, or unexpected obstacles on the road can all play a role in the chances of being involved in an accident. Unfortunately, for many of these accidents, there is nothing you can do to prepare outside of staying vigilant and ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained.

According to a local news report, a mother was killed after a tragic and sudden accident. The mother and her 17-year-old son were on their way home from a baseball game and were traveling southbound behind a white pickup truck when the tire and wheel from a pickup truck flew off. The tire and wheel went over the highway’s concrete barrier and smashed into the mother’s windshield, killing her instantly. At the time of the accident, the woman’s son was asleep in the front passenger seat. He was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. After the tire and wheel crashed through the mother’s windshield, she lost control and rear-ended a GMC ahead of her, which had four passengers. All four were transported to a local hospital, reportedly in serious, but stable, condition. The accident remains under investigation by local authorities, and the cause of the tire and wheel falling off is not yet clear.

According to officials, although this accident may seem like a freak accident, these types of collisions are more common than you may expect. Based on 2017 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 738 people died in tire-related crashes similar to the accident that took the mother’s life. In addition, more than 19,000 people are hurt every year from these accidents, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Many of these accidents, however, can be preventable or the impact lessened with some easy steps.

As a driver and vehicle owner, making sure your car is up to date with maintenance is crucial, but especially for your tires. Tires do not last a lifetime and have to be checked regularly in case they need to be replaced. When the tread is worn down, your tires can lose traction, especially when weather conditions are poor. Professionals recommend swapping out tires every six years, even if there is tread left, because tires can also cause other issues if they are too old. For example, more than 23 percent of tire-related accidents or collisions are because tires are too old.

In addition to basic tire maintenance, ensuring that your tires are consistently being balanced, rotated, and aligned is crucial to guaranteeing your safety. Registering your tires can also let you know if there’s been a recall to further ensure the integrity of your vehicle.

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