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Texas Father Killed and Family Injured After Teenage Drivers Run a Stop Sign Near the Texas Motor Speedway

In a recent tragic case, a father is dead and the other family members were critically injured when a car plowed into their car near the Texas Motor Speedway in northern Fort Worth.

The accident happened in the early evening, when a Dodge four-door sedan ran a stop sign and rammed into a Honda carrying a family of four. The Honda rolled into a ditch, killing the father, who was driving the vehicle. Meanwhile, the eight-year-old daughter was described as “combative and disoriented” when pulled from the car and was taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center. The girl’s mother and teenage brother were transported to another hospital in the area. Though the brother was initially unconscious when pulled from the vehicle, he was walking around not long afterward.

The occupants of the Dodge sedan were three teenagers, aged 16 through 18. It is unclear at this time what caused them to run the stop sign, whether drugs or alcohol were involved. Though the accident is under investigation, no arrests have been made or charges filed as of yet.

Driving is a privilege, and one that requires caution. Yet too many drivers do not take the risks seriously, especially teenagers. Many teenagers think that they are immortal and therefore do not take rules meant for safety seriously. That is unfortunate, as theirs is the group most vulnerable to accidents, partly due to lack of maturity and experience. Over 3,000 teens die in car accidents every year, the leading cause of death in that age group. For every teen killed, 100 more are injured. The majority of teen deaths happen when another teenager is driving. Accidents involving teens cost the nation $40 billion each year and cost $3.5 billion in Texas alone. While alcohol accounts for 13% of accidents involving teenagers, the rest could be attributed to driving at night, speeding and/or street racing, low seat belt use, and distractions like texting on the cell phone.

Though in Texas, the number of accidents involving teenagers has been steadily dropping since 2002, there are still far too many. And even though the driver at fault may be a teenager, he or she could still be subject to a lawsuit. Someone injured in a car accident could argue that the teenage driver owed a duty of care to other drivers and passengers on the road, that the teenage driver breached that duty through unsafe driving, that the breach caused the injury, and that as a result of the injury, the injured party suffered physical and possibly property damage. If you live anywhere in the state of Texas and were injured in a car accident, contact a Texas car accident attorney today.

Those injured in a car accident that was caused by another party may be entitled to compensation, including medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering. The experienced San Antonio personal injury attorneys at Carabin Shaw may be able to help. Call our office today for more information at 1-800-862-1260.

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