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Six Killed in Texas SUV Accident

Earlier this month, six El Salvadoran citizens were killed and five others seriously injured in a Texas car accident. According to a local news report covering the tragic accident, the single-vehicle crash occurred when an SUV crashed into a roadside ditch near Robstown. Apparently, shortly before the accident, the vehicle was being pursued by police. However, law enforcement gave up on the pursuit due to the wet conditions. The SUV was traveling at estimated speeds of up to 50 miles per hour before the crash.

The authorities have not yet released several important details surrounding the fatal accident. For example, it is unclear what the basis of the traffic stop was and whether it justified a high-speed chase. Additionally, it is unknown how long after the authorities called off the chase the crash occurred. What is known is that the people involved in the accident were undocumented.

Because police gave up on the pursuit, they were not immediately aware of the accident, which was only reported after passers-by noticed two injured men walking along the side of the road. Once the crash was reported, emergency medical crews responded to the scene, removing several from the wreckage.

This is only the most recent fatal Texas accident involving migrant workers, including an one last June near San Antonio that claimed 14 lives.

Liability in Texas Car Accidents

Texas car accidents often result in serious injury or the tragic loss of life. Too often, accident victims convince themselves that they do not have a case after discussing their injuries with biased parties, such as insurance company representatives. Other times, uninformed parties, such as responding police officers, or friends and family members offer their opinion. However, there is no substitute for well-reasoned legal advice from a Texas personal injury lawyer. Texas accident victims are encouraged to consider whether they may have a claim for compensation through a Texas personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

For example, in the case of the tragic accident discussed above, passengers inside the vehicle were not responsible for the driver’s decision to engage police in a high-speed chase and may have a claim against that driver. Similarly, there may not have been a valid reason for police to initiate the pursuit in the first place, potentially resulting in a claim against the government. Of course, the success of these claims depends heavily on the surrounding circumstances of the accident. Anyone who has been injured in a Texas car accident should consult with a dedicated personal injury attorney for assistance.

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