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Head-On Car Crash in Texas Sends Four to Hospital

Earlier this month, a deadly car crash in Spring, Texas, sent four individuals to the hospital, one of whom tragically died shortly after arrival. According to a local news report covering the accident, the two vehicles involved were driving opposite ways on a street at around 10 o’clock in the evening. One of the vehicles, an Infiniti coupe driving eastbound, failed to stay in their appropriate lane and drifted over the center turn lane, ultimately striking the westbound pick-up truck head-on.

Emergency officials responded quickly to the accident, and all the occupants were sent to the hospital. In the worst condition were those in the Infiniti coupe that had crossed lanes; the passenger was transported to the hospital via helicopter in critical condition, but ultimately died. The at-fault driver was taken to the hospital in serious condition where he underwent surgery. The couple in the pick-up truck, on the other hand, were fortunately in stable condition when they were brought to the hospital, although they likely still experienced injuries. Police reported that they suspect the driver of the Infiniti coupe was under the influence of drugs at the time of the accident, adding another tragic layer to this accident.

While many accidents are unavoidable, drivers have a duty to drive carefully and to take steps to avoid risk factors that contribute to an accident. This duty includes not driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Intoxicated driving is incredibly dangerous, and places all those on the road with the driver in danger. Texas law allows individuals injured in a car accident to submit a claim to recover monetary compensation from another driver if that driver failed to operate their vehicle with due care —by driving under the influence, for instance. Even if the victims did not undergo major surgeries and were in stable condition after the accident, as is the case in the tragic accident discussed above, smaller injuries resulting from car crashes can plague accident victims for years. Too many of these victims do not consider pursuing claims against the driver at fault because of misinformation they receive from insurance companies or other biased sources. Texas accident victims are encouraged to consult with a Texas personal injury attorney, who can help them figure out if they have a claim for compensation.

Have You or a Loved One Recently Been Injured in a Texas Car Accident?

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