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CARABIN SHAW DONATES OXIMETER HEALTHKITS TO GONZABA MEDICAL GROUP ANTONIO, January 11, 2021– The Carabin Shaw Law firm is continuing its mission to help fight COVID-19 in Texas. The Firm has donated Healthcare Kits to the Gonzaba Medical Group which will be distributed to patients tested positive on a daily basis.

The Oximeter Healthcare Kits will be distributed in this manner:

  • Internal COVID Team (internal Team that assists with employee cases)
  • All 3 Gonzaba Urgent Care locations who see possible COVID cases
  • Case managers who go to patients’ homes to provide care
  • The kits will also be distributed to Gonzaba physicians who are seeing COVID cases at 7 clinic locations

“We’re thankful for community partners such as Carabin Shaw for contributing such necessary items to our patients during such a difficult time. This is just one more way that we’re able to treat our community – como familia, like family,” said Dr. Bill Gonzaba, CEO Gonzaba Medical Group.

Along with the donation partnership with Gonzaba Medical Group, Carabin Shaw Law firm over the past 3 months delivered pulse oximeter healthcare kits to additional non-profit organizations to fight COVID-19 in the San Antonio community. These pulse oximeters are for at-home monitoring to help those with COVID-19 to measure the oxygen levels in their blood. The kits are being provided to help those individuals who have the symptoms of COVID-19 and need to monitor their health condition at home. The kits also contain a thermometer.

“Monitoring your personal health during an active case of COVID-19 is important,” said Jamie Shaw, founder of Carabin Shaw.  “Our community needs extra support during this COVID-19 pandemic, and we are thankful for community partners who are joining in our effort to offer more resources to those in need.”

About Gonzaba Medical Group:  Gonzaba Medical Group is a family-owned medical practice providing quality healthcare and excellent customer service in convenient, family-friendly locations. Serving in multiple locations throughout San Antonio, Gonzaba Medical Group continues to change the way healthcare is delivered while staying true to its core principle: “The patient always comes first.” For more information, please visit or call 210-921-3800.

About Carabin Shaw:  For 30 years Carabin Shaw Law Firm has provided each client with an individualized approach to their personal injury cases and a commitment to our standards of excellence. Carabin Shaw believes in giving back to our community especially during these difficult times. We are dedicated to raising awareness of COVID-19 prevention, treatment, and recovery through these types of donations and funding to the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center for Post-COVID convalescent plasma donations.  To learn more, please follow us on our website , Facebook and Instagram.



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