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ACCIDENT INJURY REPORT: Adult Drowns at Austin Complex Swimming Pool 29, 2020, AUSTIN — A person is dead after drowning in a central Austin apartment complex pool just before midnight last Sunday. According to Austin-Travis County EMS, the accident happened at the La Casita Apartment complex in the 2900 block of Cole Street, just east of Interstate 35. 

ATCEMS said medics performed CPR on an adult person after they were taken out of the water. About 40 minutes later, ATCEMS said the person was pronounced dead on scene.

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

You may think you know what drowning looks like. But in reality, someone could drown just feet away from you without you noticing. Drowning is quiet and fast, with subtle signs that are easily missed, particularly if in a crowded space or unfamiliar and challenging conditions.

  • A pool must be maintained daily in accordance with local, state, and national pool codes designed to keep the public safe from harm.
  • The most important code is that of “water clarity.” One must be able to clearly see the drain in the deepest part of the pool at all times.  A murky or cloudy pool is a very dangerous condition that often results in unnecessary drownings due to dangerous conditions inside the pool. 
  •  If you see a cloudy pool call the local health department and have them close the pool.  It’s extremely important to alert pool management immediately. 
  •  Additionally, swimming pools must be equipped with “functioning safety equipment” in order to be open for public use.
  •   Every class “C” pool (apartment pools/hotels) must have working 911 emergency phones that when used directly connect to a 911 operator to send help should emergency assistance be needed.  
  • Pools that are over five feet in depth must also have float ropes to distinguish depths of the pool. 
  •  Pools must also have clearly marked depth markers and accurately filled pools to alert swimmers of the proper depths of the pool. 
  •  If a pool is overloaded where water is above the depth markers it can deceive swimmers as to exactly how deep a pool really is. 
  •  A shepherd’s hook must be easily seen and used to rescue a swimmer in distress, along with a throw rope and ring buoy. 

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