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Accident Injury Report- 5 Year-old Dies in Apartment Pool Drowning in Fort Bend County BEND COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) — A 5-year-old Sugarland boy died after being found unresponsive in a pool at an apartment complex off of Old Richmond Road near West Bellfort.

The incident happened Tuesday April 28th when the child got out of the parents apartment undetected and climbed over the fence surrounding the pool area and into the water.  According to authorities, the boy was in the water for about 15 minutes before the parents found him.  His father retrieved him from the bottom of the pool and proceeded to give CPR which was unsuccessful.

There were cameras placed around the pool by the apartment complex and the footage show the boy climbing the fence and going into the water.

There have been 3 child drownings this week alone in the Houston area. One was a special needs 4-year old boy that drowned in a bathtub incident this past Monday, and in a separate incident on Monday another 4 year-old boy in another apartment complex on the northeast side of Houston also climbed over a fence and drowned in the complex’s pool.

Common Causes of Swimming Pool Drowning and Accident Cases

  1. Murky/cloudy water pools
  2. Improperly trained pool maintenance staff and pool owners/operators
  3. Overcrowded swimming pools
  4. Out of date drain covers and suction outlets that do not comply with national VGB pool standards with cause entrapments
  5. Defective gates and latches that allow easy access to pools by young children
  6. Poorly lit pool with inadequate lighting in and around pools
  7. Inattentive lifeguards at waterparks, resorts, and public pools
  8. Electrocution cases where faulty or exposed wiring around pools exist
  9. Missing emergency equipment around pools such as phones, ring buoys, life ropes, and shepherd hooks used to rescue swimmers in distress
  10. Dangerously designed pools that cause paralysis due to diving accidents and pools that lack in service, maintenance, and upkeep per state and national guidelines

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